Time To Say I Will Instead of I Wish

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Ha! How I love that quote. I really believe we all should say yes! more often.

I had the privilege of listening to Pol last week.
Pol was one of the founders of Lernout & Hauspie. A famous Belgian company that at the top of it’s game had a market valuation of over 8 billion dollars.

Unfortunately a lot of fraudulent things happened that made the company go bankrupt in a very public way. Being Belgian I thought I knew the story, but hearing it from the man himself gave a whole new dimension to it. If you want to hear it, you can book him as a speaker here.

The one thing that stuck with me most was about decision making. Whatever situation you’re in, you always have a choice. It was a great reminder for me, that everything in my life is a result of a choice I have made. If I want a different result, I have to make a different choice.

It gave me a moment to think what in my life isn’t going the way I’d like it to go. And see which decisions I have to alter.

Talking about choices, it was really easy to say yes to the invite I got to attend a forum on the future of SME’s at the United Nations HQ in New York. I’ll be spending some time there in the coming weekend and I can’t help but do a little dance every time I think of it.

One of the books I mentioned in my upcoming reading list was The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer.

I haven’t ever in my life read a book this quickly, it felt like binge watching House of Cards.
Michael is not only one of the most integer humans on the face of this earth, but also founded a company that ended up being worth billions & going public, whilst at all times staying true to himself.

His first book, The Untethered Soul, is about the voice in our heads which he describes as the roommate you wouldn’t be able to live with if it would’ve been an actual person. Reading that book definitely opened up my consciousness. Adding that second book made my jaw fall wide open.
He trusted life, said yes, even though that voice said something else & it’s amazing where it lead him. Definitely worth the read!

I hope you’re embarking on an amazing week.
And say Yes! to things you – normally – maybe – wouldn’t say yes to.



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