#9 – It’s either a hell yes or a hell no.⚡

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I had my first ever start-up seeding round at the other end of the table & it felt great. It’s fun to realize what you’re taking into account now in comparison to previous years.

One thing that kept on coming back this week:


As Tony Robbins likes to put it. “Action is the most important key to any success.” Stop talking. Start doing. It’s that simple.

Me, being completely into entrepreneur quotes & being hungry -in all possible ways of the word 🙊😇 – I love Momentum, it’s a plug-in for Chrome. It keeps you motivated in the most friendly and personalized way throughout the day. 🙂

Remember I told you about ordering a Woofpack last week? Well, seems like your dogs are hungry! Thank you for ordering. First sales are coming in and we’re only getting started. I’ll share more of our results & strategy behind our lead generation campaign in two weeks.

Something else, I’m one of the faces of a new campaign called “Failing Forward”. It’s a campaign from the Flemish government to generate more ❤ towards entrepreneurs (that’s how I see it anyway 😉 clearly need me some lovin’) And to show that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.
It’s an open interview – yikes – and I’m curious to get your feedback. You can check it out below. (NL)

We got some crazy mobile numbers in from our analytics game last week and maybe you can up your own game by checking our challenges below.

Next Week

I’ll talk about our superlow refund rate of 3.5% at The Tutu Shop (compared to a general 30% for other online retailers) and how we do it.

BTW, talking about being hungry.
Giving away the 2 first chapters of my book is getting super close & that is so very very exciting! You’ll find a download link in my next e-mail. It will be filled with practical tips & tricks, but foremost easy to use tools, to get your digital mojo going. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this week’s newsletter.
Have a kick-a$$ week ya’ll!

Lots of love,


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