#8 – To hell with circumstances, time to create opportunities! 💪 ☀⚡

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Being an entrepreneur comes with ups & downs and well -I must honestly say- shit has hit the fan in a high tempo the past week.

Time to create some fertilizer in my honest opinion!

The lessons learned this week were amazing. From people management to down right administration, it has been intense.

What an amazing journey!

I’ve been quite busy writing a book about all the tools you need to start an online business and I’m sending you a download link for the first 2 chapters in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to share this with you! 

In the past few weeks I’ve put a lot of my time in creating a Klipfolio dashboard. Measuring = knowing. I like the idea that I can see real time how much money I’m spending on Facebook advertising vs. the products that are sold because of Facebook marketing that day.

We also launched this incredible new project and the first orders came in a few hours after launching. Definitely go check out The Woofpack, no, erase that! ORDER ONE! 😉 a monthly giftbox for dogs alike with organic snacks & themed toys.

On Thursday I spoke at Switch about online tools to get you started. Find the 1 hour talk in a 30 second list below.

Next Week

I’m featured in a Failing Forward talk at the end of the week by the Flemish government. It was a very open interview about failing, getting back up and I’m very curious what the reactions will be.

I have a cool speaking gig coming up in October. You should definitely get tickets! 🙂 If public speaking yourself is quite scary, maybe check out the article below.

Any questions, remarks, responses?

Have a stellar week y’all!


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