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The new school year has started and after an eventful summer, I decided to pick up the reins of this newsletter. After finishing readingΒ The Power of HabitΒ I truly hope I’ll be able to keep myself accountable for sending out this newsletter. The goal is to get to 100!

One of the main targets in my own life is to get out 100%. We had to fight about 250 billion other swimmers to get here, so why not make the best out of it?

It’s as simple as asking yourself;Β If you had €1000 and you could invest that money in someone’s future, who would you bet on? Is it yourself?Β 
Let’s dig a bit deeper into P.E.A.K. Performance. And getting a 10 out of 10 at all aspects in your life.

One of the questions I received most after a post I wrote about working with Shoelace was about finding the right tool to monitor Instagram. Definitely check my answer in the tools I propose below.

Thanks again for your patience & let’s kick it to 100 weekly newsletters real soon!

Make this your best Monday yet!



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