#41 Let’s Get Jiggy! Time For Some Monday Awesomeness!

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Have you ever done an insights test?
Well, my results are pretty straight forward. I’m a combo of red and yellow.

Red being bossy, yellow being enthusiastic.
Sounds about right to me.

I discussed my high speed train a while ago, the one that doesn’t take time to stop at every station & how the definition of done (D.O.D.) helped me in aligning that.
Now, although it has been a great add-on to getting stuff done, together with ones-on-one on Monday, I added a bi-weekly huddle with my team every Wednesday & Friday.

What’s a huddle?
See it as a corporate hakka. Less chanting, more answers.
And well, the dancing… I’m trying to incorporate that. 😉
We sell tutu’s after all…

Anyways, our huddle starts at 9.14am.

Why 9.14 you may ask?
This way I’m sure everyone knows they should’ve gone to the bathroom/stop whatever they’re doing and be ready to huddle.

Our huddle covers the following topics:


  • One word open
  • What have you accomplished this week?


  • What are your top 3 to do’s today?
  • Overrun the priority of the company that week


  • Issues that are ongoing on company level
  • Issues that are ongoing per person


  • Personal project wins
  • Isabelle names a win for every person
  • Everyone says thank you to one other person and explains why

We answer these questions one by one and there is a little soccer ball we throw around.
The cool thing about throwing the ball is that it keeps everyone on their toes to be ready to answer the next question and the person holding the ball talks. The rest is silent & listens.

So first, everyone shares their one word open, than we all move to the next question & so on.
Answers during a one word open include:

  • inspired
  • tired
  • energetic
  • angry

It gives everyone a great overview on how the team is feeling.

When we get to the issues it’s important to not discuss them. It’s important they are shared in the group, but not solved during the huddle.
I want to keep this as short & sweet as possible. I’ve noticed after a while that issues are solved before they occur as everyone else in the group responds when they can help or have experience with such an issue.

And, if the team knows what issues are going on a company level, they know it’s a priority when you ask their help to fix something.

The grateful part at the end really adds on to an amazing team spirit.
Yep, in our case sometimes it ends with a group hug. But hey, that’s not for everyone. 😉

If you have a group larger than 20 people, just split up the teams.

Wanna give it a try?
Start tomorrow & let me know how it goes.

If you have questions about this, or you think it’s impossible to get this done in your company.
Well, I’d love to prove you wrong. 😉 Don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.
I’ll be happy to share experiences & cases.

Last but not least…

I learned quite a funny thing last week.
The word priority was singular until the 70’s, where all of a sudden someone decided to make it plural.
Which is impossible of course, because there can only be one priority. You can’t trump them. There’s always only one on number 1.

In stead of focussing on many number ones, I started to ask the question:
Which problem do I want to solve today? And work from there.

Today is going to be amazing! I feel it in my fingers.

Have the best day of your life!


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