#40 Time to Fuel Up That Rocket Ship

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Oh Dear! My newsletter just turned 40. I feel a mid-life crisis coming up. 😱
From Sofia to Toronto to Amsterdam and everything in between. The past 10 days were crazy to say the least.

I was lucky enough to arrive in Toronto right before a big snow storm.
On my way there, 15 minutes after buying my full-flight wifi pass, the wifi stopped working.

And I couldn’t help but think of Louis CK’s piece on the miracle of human flight. Probably one fo the best, smartest, grateful pieces of stand-up comedy ever.

So, I decided to throw my hands in the air, like I just don’t care, it’s my newsletter’s midlife crisis after all. 😉

Talking about the amazing possibilities in technology, I stumbled upon this really cool, next level Start-up Battle TechCrunch has going on.

Have you always wondered how to get a head start on joining the conversation about the big league when it comes to the most funded/upcoming start-up players in the world? Check out this website and crunch the numbers.

Seeing quite some entrepreneurs on my journey in the past 2 months whom all shared amazing books. I was making it rain when it came to buying books online. They all arrived together in the past week. And I’d love to share’m with you. You can find the list below.

Wanna beat me to it? Don’t hesitate to send me your summary. 😀

Talking about beating someone to it & getting into action. I had an insightful epiphany last week. One of the main questions I get asked after my keynotes is “But, how do I start?”
For me it’s quite a vague question, because an “Uhm, just do it?” from my side doesn’t seem to cover the expectations. It’s been something I’ve always found hard to grasp.

Now, when a rocket needs to be launched there’s a lot of energy that gets into getting ready. Preparation, but also during the launch itself, most energy is used when the rocket is getting ready to fly. The first few meters in the air are slow, but once it starts flying it’s unstoppable.

Well, I guess it’s the same for entrepreneurial endeavors.
Make the necessary preps & go, just do it. Google it, put it online, throw it out there, share it with your friends, just do it, don’t overthink it.

**Except if you’re planning on sending a rocket to space. Please do overthink it then, but otherwise, if it’s no rocket science. (pun intended) than go do.**

I’ve noticed, once you’re up to speed & in that mindset it’s a lot easier to do a quick touch-and-go when things seem to be off & you’ll be flying again in no time. And just think, if all goes well your speed will accelerate into lightyears.

Going from 0-10 takes a lot more effort than going from 10-100.

Talking about speed.
I’m signing on from Amsterdam. We’re opening our pop-up shop here today & I’m quite excited about it.
Last summer I lost a piece of my heart in this city & I’m looking forward for our tutu’s to do the same. ❤
Don’t hesitate to jump by for a drink at Haarlemmerdijk 41.

Have an amazing week ya’ll!
To infinity & beyond.


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