#39 Monday Morning Game Time

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Aaah love that quote!

Last week was interesting, from getting to talk in Sofia, ranting about seeing Zuckerbergs face too much on tv and really enjoying the fact that I missed my flight which made a whole day available for undisturbed work in one of my favorite hotel lobby’s.

You guessed it, the perfect combination. 🙂

Fertilizer & Equal Pay, I had the privilege of speaking at the Sheleader Conference in Sofia.
And it felt great!

Cool fact: Bulgaria holds the number 1 spot in the EU as highest percentage of women In Digital.
How amazing is that?! Curious to what I had to say?

Next week we’re opening up shop in Amsterdam, in other words, full force ahead & a lot of to do’s that need to be crossed of the “We’re launching in Amsterdam” list. Quite content with the cross-device & cross-team work Todoistis pulling of.

Reactions on last week’s e-mail were epic. Thank you so much for all the love!

Going a bit further in the leadership department, I read an essay called “The Servant Leader”, by Robert K. Greenleaf. This guy’s a legend. It’s written in old English, so I had to use a tad more of my brain, but it was eye opening & inspiring. It definitely covers the basics of the leadership tribe you want to join.

Have a stellar week y’all!


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