#38 My Dog Ate My Homework

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From Rotterdam to Valkensburg, I’m enjoying the Dutch sights so it seems.
I’m late this morning, because, well, I completely forgot to write my e-mail.

Yep…Actually it’s not that hard to figure out. We finally enjoyed a sunny weekend in Belgium and I had the privilege of spending it with my son.

We enjoyed every single minute of it. From building a Mercedes out of a cardboard box, doing some touristy stuff in Antwerp, to entertaining every dog that past our way. Life is sweeeeeet.

Talking about enjoying life as a kid. I was at a conference last week where one of the speakers asked us;

Think about yourself when you were 7. Would that little kid be proud & happy with the person you are today? 


My answer?

I would really try to figure out why I’m not around horses every day and that I tend to overthink situations sometimes, but for the rest, I’m really happy with the person I’ve become.

What about you? 

Now, my answer doesn’t answer why my habit of weekly e-mails at 5am on a Monday morning got trumped by spending time with son, which has been quite a conscious decision.

As you know, my Miracle Morning routine is intense, but it really makes my life so much better. Being a single mom it’s probably a lot easier for me than when you have a family to run 24/7.
But at one point I did ask myself the question, what’s the most important?
Getting that ritual through at 5 am in the morning or cuddle with my son on a day he wakes up at 5am too?

The latter for sure.

Something really cool happened a few weeks ago.
Since a few weeks my son gets to sleep in my bed once a week.

And sure, we can parent whatever we want and be tough and stuff, but let’s be honest;
Is there anything better than holding that little hand and fall asleep together? I think not.

But, I agree, gotta raise the kid too and having him in there every night wouldn’t be good for nobody.
Not for his love life when he grows up, nor for mine.
Don’t want to raise another momma-boy on this planet, I figure we have enough… 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyways, I had a really important meeting a few Sundays ago. And I’m quite fond of my ritual every day, so you can only imagine the importance on the very important days.

There I was, in between decisions, because I also promised him that he could sleep in my bed that Saturday night. How could I do my routine with him there…?

He’s used to a lot of rituals I have and I try to indulge him with them too, but my own meditation is not one he can be a part of yet(Because, I’m not ready for that yet. I hope I am in the near future.) 
I decided to start with the second part of my rituals. Affirmations. They’re cool you know, they reprogram your brain and although they’re hard to believe when you start with them, at one point you start believing them. (here’s a scientific study for the non-believers & here’s a cool story by Mohammed Ali for the believers who need a kick in the butt)

My affirmations start like this:

I’m beautiful.
I’m super beautiful.
I’m a strong, confident woman & I know what I’m doing.

I’m responsible for everything that I say that crosses my lips.
I’m responsible for what I tell myself.

I’m smart, I’m strong, 2018 is my year!

The list is about 40 sentences long.

Afterwards I go through my gratitude list.

You guessed it, those are all the things I’m super grateful for.
From my beautiful son, whom I couldn’t have wished for better. To my amazing parents, sister, chosen family. All the way to my beautiful home and all the opportunities life throws at me and how I can learn from each and everyone of them.

Now, my kid, almost 4 years old, decided to come sit with me when I was reciting them.

And demanded;
“Mommy, again, again, please!” 

I can tell you, that moment was Pure magic. 💫
And in case you wondered, that Sunday afternoon meeting was too. 🙂

So, work /life balance. My thoughts?
It became a no-brainer to me, once I read Discover your true north.

Warren Bennis, widely regarded as the pioneer of the contemporary field of leadership studies also never liked the word “balance”:

“Balance is an engineering term that means you put the little weights on each side, and if you’re really a good person, you’ll come out equal. We have to be aware that we swing back & forth. It is choices all the time, not balance.”

Xerox’s Anne Mulcahy who has been one of the key figures in Xerox’ history said:

“I like work & have a serious career, but the most important thing in my life is family. I love Xerox & I’d kill for it, but it’s not even on the same scale as my family.”
My 2 cents, let’s stop using that work/life balance sentence all together & just focus on who we truly want to be & enjoy life to the fullest. If for you it’s the same as for me, and you truly enjoy running a business & getting stuff done, than do. If not, don’t. But don’t feel pressured by the rest of society.

Go kick-ass!
Yes, that is, whatever you want to kick-ass in! Choose you. Always!



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