#37 Hand Over The Chocolate Eggs and Nobody Gets Hurt

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I wonder if you gave some thought to that big question I asked on Monday?

Because I have.

And I realized, I have quite some role models in my life, but there’s no granny in there…And then, I realized that’s…

Because, let’s be honest…there are probably some really cool grannies out there. So, I needed to find a granny to look up to.

And then… I found out about Sister Madonna. ✨

Noooooo, not that Madonna… 🙄


Now, if you look at Sister Madonna’s example and you’re under 87, you kind of realize all of your own excuses are bullshit. So, yeah, Sister Madonna is challenging me with her example for sure.

Next to this, my week flew by like crazy.

Back to back meetings, big presentations & preps for our Amsterdam opening.

Our very first super expensive ever ad went online (read: super expensive media, self made in photoshop) & I’m quite happy with it, it’s doubling site visitors since the day it went live.

Now, how do we get that ad to double our site visitors in 1 day?

Let’s talk the 3 first of the 10 strategic imperatives.


In all of your marketing material, emails and social media, clarity is the foundation of selling. Avoid jargon, speak in simple language and don’t assume that your prospects have an encyclopedic knowledge of industry terms. Be concise; get to the point and be relevant. Speak in terms of the prospects’ needs.


To people who find your message relevant, you can be a godsend. They need you and they want what you’re offering. To everyone else, you’re spam. For example, if you’re selling car wax, people who own luxury cars will probably be glad to hear from you. But those who drive cheap cars just to get to work probably don’t spend a lot of time waxing them. Know your customers and where to find them.


The best sales people qualify their prospects and only sell to people who are ready to buy. This is more specific than just finding the right market. You’re looking for people within that market who need precisely what you’re offering.

Check out our ad.

“My dentist told me I urgently need a crown. Yah! Fits perfectly with that orange tutu for Kingsday.” 

Now check out who we show it to:

To know for sure we’re only targeting people who are actually interested in buying tutu’s, we loaded up our client database and Facebook matches that with the socio demographic information of the same kind of audience in The Netherlands. With an extra ratio of 5% to make sure we cover what’s needed.

No data is breached, but it would be impossible to be this precise without using digital marketing.

This is a super wide ad to create brand awareness. Women, 18-50.
With other top topicals, like Wedding season, you could make it a lot smaller. You could then target to Women engaged in the past 5 months for example.
The more detailed you can get your target group, the better the results.

Knowing who your target group is, is super important.
If you have a database that can help you started, great.
If not, do the necessary research before you spend too much dough.

Want to know what those 7 other strategic imperatives are? Check’em out here.
And if you really want to challenge yourself, give 1 example at each point to see where you’re at!

I hope you enjoyed Easter & I can’t wait to eat all those eggs you’re about to hand over. 🙂 Have a kick-ass week y’all!



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