#36 Monday! In French, that’s mon Day, Mais oui!

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Shimmy yay shimmy yooooo! 👋🏻
Back in the promised land of fries & tutu’s and ready to rock and roll.

I’m quite impressed by the imprintedness (yes, Philip, I know that’s not a word ;))of those 2 learning events in the past month and I can’t wait to share them with you & what they mean to me.

The importance of:

Clarity of vision
It’s such a no-brainer, but seeing it like this it makes everything quite clear. The person that offers clarity in a group is the leader, right?
A few years ago I got quite pissed, -excuse my language-, when some peopIe in my team wouldn’t get the message or briefing I gave them. After some roadblocks, I received this feedback from a coach:

“Are you sure you’re clear enough on your expectations?”

My high speed train was already at the next station, so, “excuse me?!, of course yes!”. Well, unfortunately it became painfully & obviously clear that my team had missed the station. Which was obviously my mistake. Which I didn’t get right away. 😇

My first reaction?

Was not well received. 🙂

Funny thing tho, Guy explained, by just changing 1 sentence during briefings I would start saving time like crazy. I started asking: “Now you’ve received the briefing, can you tell me what your next steps are?” At a high speed level I understood that my briefings were far from where they had to be. And BOOM, he was right, now they’re killers of course. 😉 Nah, just kidding, I’m far from where I want to be, but just asking this question is saving me expensive time. Adding this little D.O.D. beauty was a winner too.
Daily visualisation, a bi-weekly huddle & having 6-weekly coaching sessions help me in staying true to my own & the companies vision.

Certainty of Intent 
Aaaah, some of you will hate me for this one, but you know what, I do not care. 🙂
Both Warren Rustand & Tony Robbins, owners of multi-billion dollar corporations are doing it, it’s clear they’re doing something right. 😉 Mindfulness, knowing yourself and being in sync with why you are here in the first place. Start meditating. Really, only 10 minutes a day will make a few hours of difference. Yes, if I would’ve told myself that I would be spreading that message 3 years ago today, I would have laughed. But hey, here we are, it’s changing my life. And if you’re not doing it yet, it will change yours too.
–> Headspace or Calm are both awesome apps to get you started.
–> I had the privilege of seeing Master Co at work. The guy is pure magic. If you’re looking for a speaker for your company, hire him and be amazed.

Clear set of values
During my talk at MadeInAntwerpen Live they asked me after a quite digital strategy based talk “What is the next big thing?”. Great question to get by the way on a stage. 🙏🏻 Because, uhm, tutu’s, what else? 😇
The person asking the question was referring to the digital side, and although everyone was expecting me to say “A.I.” which funny enough, what-a-coincidence, I discussed in last week’s newsletter. It was actually “values” that I answered. It’s something we work on every day, and no, for sure, it ain’t easy all the time, but most of the time it is and it makes your life a lot easier. The values of your company should be carried by everyone and foremost the leader, who in her or his case should lead by example. If every company would start working by it’s values, all that “Millenials are hard to work with-nonsense” would stop.

My favorite example? My friend’s company HowAboutSales. From the first moment he showed me their values, I honestly just wanted to copy them 😇, but that’s kind of against the whole idea. 😁

Anyways, don’t hesitate to check out their awesome set of values here. Every time I’m in contact with them or I join one of their infamous drinks or parties, you just feel that their values are being lived to the fullest.

Can you use some extra inspo of your own? Check out these 100 examples.

Remember, really, truly, living your values as a company means you can ask anyone to show you an example of what a person has done regarding a certain value in the past 6 months. It ain’t as easy as it looks. Want some more theory on it? Check out this book by Verne Harnish or shoot me an e-mail.

And, as it’s on leadership. We must foremost make sure we know our own set of values.

So, truth be told, this e-mail is getting quite long and I have to admit that I’m just not able to get 8 days of intense workshops in 1 e-mail. I’m glad to say we covered the first 15 minutes now. 🙈
But, I’ll try to add some stuff to our regular digital tools in the next coming weeks. 

Last things I wanted to share:

I finished reading this awesome book by Napoleon Hill, I think he put together his best work in this little booklet. It’s only 210 pages and it will add money to your bank account just by looking at it. 😉

Then, last but not least, what really hit me was the question Dan Quiggle told us to ask ourselves:

“What’s your wildest fantasy of what your children & grandchildren will say about you at your funeral?”

Boom! Intense or what?
I definitely don’t want them to say “Granny was born an original but than she died a copy.”

Time to get this show on the road and create awesomeness!

With vision, intent and an awesome set of values of course. 😉

Let’s do this!


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