#34 Screw it, Let’s Do It!

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I’m still processing the 16-hour-packed-days of leadership training by Warren Rustand & George Gan last week. It was tiring, but nothing less than amazing.

Warren is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life. And if you ever get the chance to be in his vicinity, don’t think twice.

These 4 days gave me a lot of ammo to fly right back into it, but I get to spend some extra me-time in the States too.

Check out this awesome store. B8ta is designed for discovering, trying and buying the latest tech products from all over the world. If you’re a gadget freak, maybe hide your credit card before clicking that link.

I’m also really enjoying this website. It provides a good overview of the latest digital tools & products around. And honestly, provides me foremost with a lot of inspiration for my own business.

Last but not least, I wrote about a book a few weeks ago from Jen Sincero. “You’re a badass at making money.” If you listened, bought it & read it, you’re probably already seeing big changes. So, I decided to buy her other book too. And it is tha bomb! Life changing… I tell ya!

I wish you an amazing week.
Go kick ass!



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