#29 February Baby! Time To Focus On The Good

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To be honest, I’m happy January is over.
I can finally throw all those good resolutions down the bin.

Na-aaaaaaah, got you there.

It’s the first Monday of February Dude(tte)!
Don’t throw all those good intentions out, just re-strategize where necessary. I’m far from perfectly organized & I’ve mentioned it before, this app, recommended to me by the same guy from the dinosaur animation, (now you have to download it) is really good. So download it if you’re slacking on your goals. It’s only February, still 11 months of habit adjusting to go for 2018.

Last week was intense, but very cool. I got to invite 2 leading PR entrepreneurs for our upcoming podcast. It’s amazing to see how all these leaders lead on the way to their True North (hence the coolness ;). And you can find it too.

Foremost the realization that finding your True North doesn’t happen without some adversity.

Adversity = shit happening.
The book explains how you turn that shit into fertilizer AND learn to become a better person & leader because of it.

Read it. Apply it.
Become the most badass, inspirational, go-getting leader of the pack. Done. 💁🏻

I feel it. You can do it.
Badabing badaboom!



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