#28 Unboring Ideas

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We sold our 10.000th tutu two weeks ago and to celebrate that mark I promised the other Pink Ladies to wear tutu’s for 30 days straight. Yes, of course, I am a true believer that you can wear a tutu wherever & whenever, but wearing them for 30 days straight is quite a challenge, even for me. There are 3 things happening that make it worth while.

  1. I’ve always envied people that are able to prepare their clothes for the next day. I’ve never had the patience for it or the need to make it a habit. I’m enjoying it & possibly creating a habit that makes me more productive, which is always good.
  2. Our communication is all about unboring fashion for sexy feminists. The unboring part should make you happy and smile. And well, I have to admit that it’s completely on point. I’m really enjoying it to wear a tutu every day. 🙂
  3. Many people have this image of my closet with hundreds of tutu’s in all different colors in them, but they take so much place that that wouldn’t ever fit my apartment. So I decided to go visit our stores every week & get the service our clients get. It is such an interesting thing to do. I’m back into our marketing automation flows etc. Have you gone through the customer cycle of the product/service your company sells? Or really used & tested it for a certain amount of time? If it’s a long time ago, maybe give it a go and become your own customer to see what can be improved.

Next to starting the challenge I had another challenge. I’ve given my first keynote on personal development ever, in Athens. And I really enjoyed doing that.

Sharing a personal story on stage is different from sharing the next 10 digital tools you should be using. 🙂

2 years ago I started a crazy & intense journey of my own personal development & growth. I switched everything upside down and put on my own gas mask before anyone elses. The change has been incredible. If even only 1 person that reads this e-mail buys & reads this book. Then this was worth while sharing. For me, it was life changing.

Craving some digital tools after all this personal talk?
Check out my latest finding below.

Thank you for reading.
Time to go kick A$$!



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