#25 Time To Replace I Wish with I Will

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Last week was intense, and if this is a “hello” into 2018, give me a second to buckle up! Last week is the reason why today’s email is short with powerful tools.

With fresh beginnings comes fresh inspiration. You’d think it doesn’t grow on trees, but online it does! 🙂

Facebook Advertising is a big thing at The Tutu Shop. It’s responsible for a big part of getting our buying customers on the website. I tend to use the ad examples of Ad Espresso a lot. With this tool you can type in industries, keywords or a company name and it will show you what kind of Facebook ads they are running. Try putting in your competitors. It’s a great tool of inspiration. And of course a great tool on itself to optimize your Facebook ads.

Too far from your comfort zone?
Or can your team use an online knowledge upgrade first?

Maybe try following a course on udemy.com. From Facebook advertising to NLP master classes, it’s all there and quite cheap.

Next week 
I’ll show you the first results we’re achieving with our switch to Klaviyo. Pretty damn excited about those!

Hungry for more? If you want to increase your market share quickly, check out the book of the week.

Have a great one!


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