#23 All I Want For Christmas Is This E-mail

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I can’t believe it. We entered 2017’s last week!!! 😳

In stead of making my own best of 2017 list, I decided to let it up to you. Makes my life a lot easier as well. 💁🏻

2017 has been a crazy year.
This it week 23 of sending this newsletter and over 4.000 of you are reading it. I’ve gathered all data, from clicks to shares to replies & made a top 5 of tools, books & most clicked which you can find below.

But, I get to add one too! 😉

My most memorable moment of the past year deserves a shoutout to my mom, today is her birthday and this year, she deserves extra icing on her cake. She retired!

My mom ran a 120 teachers school with over 650 students & 100 nationalities. I was so happy to see they have seen the same amazing woman as us at home. At her goodbye party she has been showered in gifts, letters from students & a personal song. She is, hands down, the smartest, strongest, most humble woman I know. 🙌🏻

Now this – crazy cat  I can’t stop learning – lady decided to go back to school to become an Antwerp city guide. You can follow her endeavours here. Know that, If I ever see you walking around with another one, I’ll have no other choice than to hail all my retargeting talents on you. You can check ‘the best of’ tools I would use below. 😉

That was it for me for 2017.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The list is growing every week and sure, some of you were doomed because you are friends with me, others are doomed because you decided to link up with me on Linkedin, others because you swiped right and other crazy bastards that decided to sign up all on their own. With super click through rates going all the way up to 34.01% I’m really really really grateful & happy. You rock! 🤘🏻

Turkey isn’t served for another couple of hours.
So here goes, your ‘best of’ list of 2017.

Merry Christmas! 🎄

PS/ Thank you for the weekly replies with comments, questions & feedback. It means the world!


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