#22 Time To SLAY!

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In case you haven’t noticed and live on another planet. Christmas is 7 days away. 🎄🎄🎄 Yes, you got it, I’m writing this with my Ugly Christmas Sweater on in combo with my unicorn slippers. You are missing out! 🙂

In the past year I changed my home into an office. My home-work route is one staircase & my time spent in traffic is almost zero to none. But don’t be mistaken. Working where you live can be quite challenging.

And I kind of started to miss my home feeling.
So, to grab the bull by the horns, last week I focussed on getting my home-sweet-home feeling back.

Now, you have to realize these epiphanies need to be handled immediately. In comes me, in a tutu, around 8pm on a Thursday night, buying a drill at the local DIY store to leverage all the Ikea skillz I gained with The Tutu Shop. An older man helped me, answered all my questions and explained me everything I needed to know about drilling & getting it right. He really took service to the next level. And again I realized how important it is to have your people in check with what your company stands for.

You may think it’s mushy or not necessary. But, most successful companies all have a clear view on what their values are.

When I look back today, me being old and all, I remember times when I was working for clients and it just didn’t match up. It all came down to a mismatch in values. Doing this exercise helped me get to know myself better & really helps me in making decisions. You can give it a go here. Check out my result here.

But first, Christmas.
I really really really really hope you get everything you wished for.

I’m a true believer of miracles. 🙂
In case you’re not: You live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea. Start making your dreams come true! (Maybe the book of the week can help you, check it out below.) 

Merry Christmas ;)!! ❤
Lots of love,


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