#21 Rise & Grind

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One million dollars? In a week? With tutu’s?

Soon! 👻
But, nah, I’m talking about the value I got out of last week.

I had the privilege of interviewing one of Belgium’s finest CEO’s of a family-led company for our soon to be released podcast series. The insights were amazing. We talked about the privilege and lack there of when being born in such a nest, habits & managing growth.

Next to that I was invited to join a panel on growth hacking. The guys from The Growth Revolution invited top notch growth marketeers & I felt humbled to be part of the conversation. From cool new tools (check the results below) to insights on experiments that got me flabbergasted.

On Thursday I had a breakfast meeting with a new friend, Jef. He sent me the most hilarious movie about getting shit done. We talk a lot about ideas, but they ain’t worth shit if we don’t do anything with them. Click on the dragon below for some hard ass motivation and a good laugh.

On Saturday we opened our 7th Belgian pop-up shop. It’s located in Wijnegem Shopping Center. We went from key to opening in 1,5 days. I hear what you’re thinking, and yes, I wouldn’t be able to do this without an amazing team and my crazy ass Ikea skillzzzz. Plus I definitely work with the best contractor in the world, whom I can always rely on. This guy is 6.5 foot tall & knows exactly how I want everything done, in pink! We both have OCD, although in his case it’s more of COD (in alphabetical order. ;)) It’s amazing. Thanks Bart! You’re the best!

We’re having a drink on this lucky number 7 this Friday from 4pm-9pm & you are more than welcome! Let me know if you’d like to join for a glass & I’ll put you on the list. 

That’s enough of newsletter for a cold Monday morning.
Thank you for reading. 🙏🏻

GO KICK A$$ this week! 
The magical dragon has got your back! 😜



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