#19 Get Yourself A Million Dollar Racehorse

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From personal mountains to business mountains, there was a lot to be moved. Arnhem, Paris, Brussels, all the way to Houthalen-Helchteren. I gave keynotes, went to a retail gala (in a gala tutu of course) and not to forget we were able to open a store in Arnhem on Black Friday.

The coolest thing? I felt super proud. Goosebumps all over. Teamwork really makes the dream work. It feels like a dream to see the online world we are trying to create come to life in the form of stores.

Talking about the online world, I’ll share the tools & content of my Paris keynote below in a supershort 30 second list.

That proud feeling?
Well, I’m grateful AF! 

Quite convenient on Thanksgiving I must add. 😉
Which brings me to realize that there’s one of my resolutions I wasn’t able to keep. Getting in the best shape of my life.

The amount of times I’ve said I don’t have time to work-out… Or no time to pre-prepare everything I eat! Do you recognize that?

Well, imagine I’d give you a million dollar race horse. And every weekend, when it’s time to race, your horse has to perform at it’s best. Because that’s the moment when the money comes in.

How would you treat that horse?

Me? I’d feed it the best food, make sure it grazes enough, definitely make sure it trains for the competition, but not too much, because he can’t get maxed out. Right?

So, I wonder, why aren’t we treating ourselves as million dollar race horses? When we expect amazing results, we have to make sure to take care of ourselves amazingly well too. That means; eat right, work-out and rest enough. In comes the Miracle Morning, no excuses, it’s a life changer.

Anyways, it’s 5am, time for me to let my inner Seabiscuit out.
Bet on yourself too and kick this week’s butt!



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