#18 Monday Madness

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As expected, the past week was quite crazy. We almost opened 2 shops, but decided, cold hearted & all, that it’s better to open up our shop in Holland this coming week in stead. (I know, I know, YOU’ve probably seen this one coming. ;)) I, on the other hand, am super proud of our Antwerp store!! Check out our shop in the news.

In the next weeks my main focus is keeping that dashboard in sync.

I’m in love with Klipfolio. I mentioned it earlier, but it really is a winner. No matter how small or large your business is, it gives you an eagle’s eye point of view in quite a neat design. Definitely check it out! Cool thing about it is, if you check the tools it can connect with, you learn quite a lot about the hottest digital tools available on the interwebs. Check out who they’re competing with here.

Did I tell you? I had my first international keynote in Athens & it was the bomb! 🙂 – insert excitement level: unable to count the espresso’s! – It was amazing!!

Oh & don’t forget Black Friday is coming up!
Busy times ahead in retail land…

Have a great week!


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