#17 Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

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Monday morning, 10am,
Brussels Airport.

With Spotify’s “Have a great day” playlist in my ears, I’m walking through customs with a massive smile on my face.

Did you know that forcing yourself to smile just 2 minutes in the morning makes your brain work better & – you guessed it – makes you happier in general? Which makes you live longer…?! Yeah, thank me later. 😉

Can your customers & employees use a smile on their face too?
Definitely check out the book of the week below.

I wasn’t at the airport for no reason, I was invited to the Web Summit in Lisbon. And had the privilege of interviewing some awesome entrepreneurs & ceo’s. – insert Level of excitement: 3 espresso’s. ☕️ 

Now hell had no fury, we’re opening up shop in Antwerp & Arnhem in the coming week. And we are on fire. 🔥 We’re going from key to opening in less than 2 weeks. I’ll share a blogpost about that next week.

Good project management is the base of a high speed of execution for me. And I’m lucky to have the world’s best at my side! Check out my favorite getting things done tools below.

I hope you are ready for a day full of smiles.
The coolest thing about this little experiment? The people who do smile back give you warm & fuzzy feels. In today’s world, I’m quite fond of that.

And, well, obviously, it’s super cold outside so I like being warm.

Say cheeeeeeeese!

PS/ This hilarious feed can help in the process.


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