#16 Time is Non-Refundable. Are You Optimizing Yours?

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So, in the past weekend I discovered I can fit 1 Tutu Shop in 1 truck!

Now, that’s knowledge that is really going to help you kickstart your Monday, right?

Uhu. 🙂

Well, this knowledge is. There’s a 400 trillion to 1 chance that you are walking around on this planet.

First of all, you better make the best of it.
Second, you better take care of it!

Babysteps, but I’d start with less paper and more digital tools! Find my personal top 5 below.

  1. Braintoss 
    It’s a mobile application that sends to do’s right to my inbox. Maybe you recognize this, but I use my inbox as a second to do list. Braintoss sends notes, images & audio right to your mailbox. No more lost ideas either.
  2. Headspace
    A mobile app that taught me how to meditate. From sports motivation to higher performance techniques. Forget the prejudiced fluffyness. This tool will show you that you really gain a few hours a day just by meditating 20 minutes.
  3. WhatsApp Browser
    WhatsApp on your computer. Just download the app & scan the qr code with your phone.
  4. Mailchimp
    The amazing tool I use to send out these little gems of newsletters. 🙂
  5. Google Alerts
    It’s an add-on to the mention.com tool I proposed last week. It can be of most interest to your sales team. Example: you meet someone, you put an alert for their name & company’s name in & when they pop-up in news online you have a great reason to contact that prospect. And it’s free!

By the way, remember the Oscar winner I interviewed last week? Well, we added an extremely inspiring CEO of a billion euro, stockmarket listed, Belgian company to the list of interviewees! More on this new podcast expedition soon!

Craving some extra motivation? Check out this video my friend Karel shared with me last week.

Are you ready to rumble?
Let’s go KICK A$$!


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