#14 What Are you Doing Today?

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I’m gonna give it to you straight. This is personal.

Are you a good communicator? I’m not talking about social talk. I’m talking about communicating what you want.

I clearly enjoy a fast paced life, but when you knock on the door of opportunity, I sometimes forget that it’s extra work that answers. 

I forget to clearly describe to others what “DONE” looks like for me. And now, I finally realized this is equal to waisting precious time.

After reading The Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish I’m trying to use D.O.D (Definition Of Done) every time I receive a new task & every time I send one out. It’s as simple as checking if it’s clear for everyone internally & externally involved what 100% done looks like.

Talking about communication, in case your love life or relationships can use an upgrade or your struggling in communicating with your partner or children, definitely check the book recommendation below. This little book can change your life!
Opportunities galore

I almost can’t believe it, my first international keynote is booked! I’m talking at the One Level Up Leadership Conference in Athens on accelerating your business online next month. How exciting!! (yet again, we’re talking excitement equivalent of 3 espresso’s ✔️)

Do something today that will make your 3 year older self proud!
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GO KICK A$$!!!


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