#13 Time To Wake Up And Chase Your Dreams

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Last week was pure awesomeness. From signing new store contracts, hiring our new office manager, almost beating a friend at bowling (it was really close, but all the lanes were booked…👻) & facilitating a strategic workshop for a company I have a business crush on. The rollercoaster ride is on & I am looking forward to the results.

Ha! How I love that word.

We’re all talking KPI’s (key performance indicators), but many of us don’t know how to set them. Do you?

Check out these examples on which results you should be tracking in what stage of your digital communication and get that return on investment you’ve been waiting for.

Need some KPI’s for your personal life? Definitely read this book by Brian Moran. The 12 week year is a life changer!

Now you’ve got time on your hands, because of kicking KPI’s ass and becoming lit efficient, make life even more easy… Install MixMax on your gmail account and have a personal assistant at your finger tips. More on it below.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on this week’s newsletter!

Go get’em tiger!


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