#12 It’s Monday! Time To Take Over The World!

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Made in Antwerp live rocked! It gave me so much energy! Like three double espresso’s worth of energy. 🔥 Quite scary, I know. 😉

Talking about energy…
Loved this video by Gary V, it’s only 83 days before 2018. 😱 Time to hustle up & take control of the plot twist you’ve been waiting for ;)!

My week flew by like crazy, and my to do list grew out of proportion with it. If you’re in the doing-vibe you sometimes need people to help you to get things done, other times you need tools. Ever heard of IFTTT? It’s my favorite & it is here to make your personal life & your business’ life easy. Here are some examples on how it can help you.
Let me know if you like it!

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter, looking forward to your feedback.

Go Kick A$$!


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