#10 Boss Up And Create Your Own Life

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One podcast really resonated with me last week. Hal Elrod & James Altucher talking about choosing yourself. Time to be the good kind of selfish, you can listen to it here. 🙂 There are a lot of people out there into management books & motivational stuff. 🙋🏻 Reading & getting inspired is one thing, but implementing information is a whole different ball game.

What made a big change for me is adding ‘reading’ to my morning routine. 15 pages of a management book a day. Some days those 15 pages are boring, but it relaxes me & what are 15 pages, right? Other days I’m learning stuff that gets me so inspired I implement it the same day. It’s the Pareto rule. And in this case 80% of the time the positive part is the outcome. It makes you read quite a lot. This way I actually have time for fictional books on holiday and I’m stepping up my business / self improvement game throughout the year.

Talking about a must-read!  -insert pee in the pants –
Start with the five first pages of my book. I started with this project a little over a year ago & everything is coming together now. The idea of the book is to give you an Ikea-like manual to understand and launch a venture online.

You can download it here in Dutch.
The English version is coming soon.

I’ll talk about our lead generation strategy for The Woofpack & go more in-depth on making your digital plans as small & feasible as possible.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of this week’s newsletter! 🙂

Make it a week to remember.
Lots of love,

PS/ when it comes to dropping food on the floor it’s not a 5, but a 3 second rule. Never ever confuse those. 😉 


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