#45 Let’s Hustle Until We No Longer Need To Introduce Ourselves

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Last week was probably one of the more crazier in my life.

From giving a keynote in French (I should probably say Frenglish – I really tried)  to opening up shop in a street you can buy when playing Monopoly. We got the keys Tuesday afternoon & we were open for business at 11am on Saturday.

Opening up shop in one of the most expensive streets that you can buy when playing Monopoly means – you guessed it – pay higher rent than usual & you need to have more people visit your shop. Oh & we knew about this location approximately 3 weeks before opening.

We decided to not spend our hard earned Euro’s to digital marketing, but to something that would make our biggest fans really happy. The risk was high, but the reward was even higher.
We decided to give away 50 tutu’s to the first 50 store visitors.

I hear you thinking, aaaaaah, but if you’re giving it away for free I can do that too.
Well, yes, probably, that’s the beauty of it.

We had people standing in line as early as 6.30am. The line grew to just over 100 people.
We’ve been mentioned in all major Belgian & local news outlets.

And the coolest thing of all, most of the people who were in line also bought products from our store.
We had break-even results at the end of the day. No profit, but also no cost not covered. The days after the event we enjoyed a lot of sales through our webshop because of all the online newspaper mentions.

Am I saying you should think of giving away stuff for free all the time?
Nope, most definitely not.

Brands that give discounts a lot get that remark quite easily. And it has people waiting for your next activation in stead of buying.

But, if you build up the brand, take the pain, don’t follow the regular mid-season sale activations & give a discount or something for free very occasionally. It will make all the difference.

Maybe you read it, maybe you haven’t, but I’m setting up new e-commerce shop in the next weeks and it’s quite exciting. 🤗🤗🤗

That means I’m going through a whole new trajectory in the next coming weeks.
I have the Google design “Sprint” book by Jake Knapp in one hand & “Who” by Geoff Smartin the other.

Have an awesome weekend!