Favorite Book: High Performance Habits

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Emma and I checked in with some amazing guests for our podcast that is coming up in a few weeks. It is so cool to hear that all these top notch guys and gals have the same habits without even realizing it! Time to read this book if you want to ignite your own performance.

Twenty years ago, author Brendon Burchard can not change, develop skill rapidly, and rise in their chosen career field while others work hard but struggle for decades. What he has discovered is a unique set of habits that apply to all areas of our lives, that is when practically leads to success in any domain.

In High-Performance Habits, readers will learn:

  • Why high performers shirk the advice or just be yourself and do what comes naturally to you
  • How high performers predict the real odds of success
  • Which daily 20-minute habit proves to increase life satisfaction by 20%
  • Shortcuts to quickly master a skill or topic
  • When to give up or start over so that you can move ahead faster
  • Tactical advantage habits that help you become 30% more productive in 7 days
  • Absolutely must-do habits to follow up on your health, relationships and career

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