#26 Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

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The past week was crazy! From getting our strategy down to the month, finalizing locations in Amsterdam & Rotterdam. Yes, you read that correctly —> AMSTERDAM!!!! to shit that I’m desperately trying to turn into fertilizer (#entrepreneurslife💩🌱). Oh, and enjoying seeing 60 tutu’s pass on stage during the Miss Belgium finale. 😍 Exactly how I like my January’s.

But, before I’m sharing more of those Miss Belgium pictures, let’s talk fear & taking risks. As Will Smith put it, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

I’m selling tutu’s for a living and people seem to have the need to ask me the following two questions:

“How long is your tutu business going to survive?” 
“What after the hype?”

Sure, I get scared. The first time I’ve put up a big order I imagined the possibility of becoming an old granny with lots of tutu’s in her garage which my grand children would be obliged to wear during every family gathering. 😱 – the horror-

BUT, I dreamed about tutu world domination too and I’m a big believer that if you’ve been given the power to dream certain things you have the power to achieve them too. 💪🏻

Yes, everyone.
Yes, every dream.
So do you,
and yes, you’ll find a way.
Yes, it’s not always easy to follow your heart. But the cost of not doing it is spending the rest of your life you wish you had. 
So no, I’m not interested in hearing any word after “yes, but,”
the but included.

It’s not a hype, it’s an essential for your closet & we need to reach world domination. Point. I must admit, It was quite interesting to get that on paper.

Because, where do you start with
 “In 10 years from now, I want Tutu World Domination.”

You should have seen my colleague’s face. Her reaction was priceless. It went from “I knew you were going to say that.” to “Make a complete description of what that means.” (–> that last sentence is probably why we make such an awesome team) 🎯

I was just sitting there being happy & grateful she wasn’t opening it up for discussion. 😇

We worked on getting the whole shebang in 1 excel file, with an overview of what needs to be tackled during what month. Next step is getting it to a weekly to do & kpi list that can be used during our weekly status meetings.

If you would be interested in how we handle this post-it madness, and go from dreams to to do’s, send me an e-mail and I’ll try getting it into a blogpost. If there’s enough interest I’ll get some templates up for you to use too.

Also, this book, I’ve recommended it a dozen times now, for the ones that have actually read it, I’m sorry, but you’ll agree that people need to read this to go from strategy to productivity and I promise this was the last time. 😉

Before I forget, definitely check out my new favorite human of the week below. Our Klaviyo results are postponed to next week.

Go get’em tiger!
Go make your dreams come true!