Must watch: Louis CK Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy

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I was lucky enough to arrive in Toronto right before a big snow storm.
On my way there, 15 minutes after buying my full-flight wifi pass, the wifi stopped working.

And I couldn’t help but think of Louis CK’s piece on the miracle of human flight. Probably one fo the best, smartest, grateful pieces of stand-up comedy ever.

So, I decided to throw my hands in the air, like I just don’t care, it’s my newsletter’s midlife crisis after all. 😉

Must Watch: Robot Music: Shimon Robotic Performs “Steady As She Goes”

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I was impressed to see Shimon, no, not my son’s new best friend at school, Shimon the jazz marimba player. Check out this video. The drummer even has a robotic arm to be in sync with Shimon.
Music is a lot about feeling for me & the emotions that go into the notes being played, so I wonder how far they can take this. What are your thoughts?