Must Watch: The Iron Nun – The 86 Year Old Sister Madonna Buder

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And I realized, I have quite some role models in my life, but there’s no granny in there…And then, I realized that’s…

Because, let’s be honest…there are probably some really cool grannies out there. So, I needed to find a granny to look up to.

And then… I found out about Sister Madonna. ✨


Now, if you look at Sister Madonna’s example and you’re under 87, you kind of realize all of your own excuses are bullshit. So, yeah, Sister Madonna is challenging me with her example for sure.

Must Read: Crypto What?

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Quite a lot of you clicked on the Delta application to manage cryptocurrency, but many, like me, have no clue what the fuck cryptocurrencies are and how to manage them.

Read this article here & talk everyone under the table. Afterwards, manage those suckers with Delta and they’ll never see you coming. I’ll be happy to take 5% if you happen to become a crypto millionaire.

Favorite Book: The 12 Week Year

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Need some KPI’s for your personal life? Definitely read this book by Brian Moran. The 12 week year is a life changer!

A guide to creating results through focus, commitment, and accountability The 12 Week Year is a process forged in the field of sports, used by world-class athletes and transformed for business and everyday life by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. This is not a book of theory. The 12 Week Year has been vetted by thousands of clients and hundreds of companies, and is backed by years of real life experience.