Favorite Books

Favorite Book: High Performance Habits

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I got this out of a book called High Performance Habits. The idea is to release any previous feelings that remain from a previous situation you were in & move to a new situation with an open mind. This goes from walking on stage to walking in at home and leaving work where it belongs.

It also refers to knowing how you want the audience to leave after your keynote. Is it inspired, emotional or … fill in the blanks yourself. If you know in advance, chances are quite high you’ll leave them like that too.

—> I got this intel by getting classes of the infamous PJ Brady, an awesome speaking coach. Definitely follow him on LinkedIn for short lessons on the subject or go wild and book a lesson :).

Favorite Book: Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century

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Now, having the basics right is one thing. Challenging your business model(s) is a whole different ball game.

So, in stead of taking a look at the most known & shiny business model examples for inspiration, I decided to get my nose into hidden ones.

Hidden ones? Yes.
But how do you find those? Good question.

Do you know the company that produces your dog leash?
Well, they’re doing quite a good job with making over 3.5 Billion last year alone.

These hidden champions seem to stay on the down low being more profitable & more agile than their not-so-hidden counterparts.

Can’t deny I love the idea.

Now, combining that knowledge.
Yes, there’s a great book about it:
Hidden Champions of the 21st Century. Success strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders. 

Favorite Book: Sprint: How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

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Maybe you read it, maybe you haven’t, but I’m setting up new e-commerce shop in the next weeks and it’s quite exciting. 🤗🤗🤗

That means I’m going through a whole new trajectory in the next coming weeks.
I have the Google design “Sprint” book by Jake Knapp in one hand & “Who” by Geoff Smartin the other.