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In May 2016 I founded The Tutu Shop, a multi-channel retail concept which is bringing the tutu back through owned retail channels both online as through pop-up shops. Within 4 hours of go live our first tutu was sold. Today we brought over 10.000 tutu’s to girls.

The secret sauce is a very strong concept, digital know-how and a client service team that is off the charts.

I’m an upbeat digital native/strategist. I believe in strong branding—so strong that no matter how the consumer comes in contact with the brand, it triggers the same emot


#46 Rise & Shine! ☼

As I mentioned last week I’m going on a whole new brand trajectory. From design sprints to hiring, it’s new. And well, it’s hard to deny, that for me, that is quite exhilarating. 3 espresso’s for sure. Hourly. I love it. (Don’t know about my colleagues though.🤷🏻‍♀️) Now, having the basics right is one thing. […]

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Confidence is a habit

If there’s one thing I’d like to do with my life it is sharing the glorious feeling of confidence. I believe that that is what it all boils down to. My book’s about to come out, but don’t hesitate to take a look at my short talk about it at the #Sheleader Conference in Bulgaria, Sofia, earlier this year.

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The Online Start-Up

It’s about to go down.

I’m finalizing my book called The Online Start-up. I’ve been fortunate enough to start my 3rd online business now with very limited resources. In this book I tell all on how you can get a lot of stuff done, learn what you need to know & strategize for the future. From start-up to multinational.

You can expect

  • All the tools I used
  • Where I learned what I learned
  • All the intel I got from mentors

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